Its abundant heritage of religious, civil and military architecture make Carmona one of the most monumental towns in Andalusia. Of the most emblematic buildings of a military and civil character, the ALCÁZAR DE LA PUERTA DE SEVILLA (FORTRESS OF THE PORT OF SEVILLE) and the ALCÁZAR DEL REY DON PEDRO (FORTRESS OF KING DON PEDRO_ stand out most, which today are home to the Parador de Turismo hotel, as well as the PUERTA DE CÓRDOBA. At the CASA-PALACIO DEL MARQUÉS DE LAS TORRES (HOUSE-PALACE OF THE MARQUIS OF LAS TORRES) you can find the City Museum.

The most notable Roman monument, the only one of its kind, is the NECROPOLIS, comprising several hundred burial chambers. The ELEPHANT TOMB and the TOMB OF SERVILIA stand out.

Strolling around the town’s streets we discover numerous houses and palaces with a Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque style. The same happens with the legacy of religious buildings, among which the beautiful Gothic temple of SANTA MARÍA is worth highlighting (“the Cathedral” of Carmona). We can find examples of the Mudejar style in the CHURCHES OF SAN FELIPE, SANTIAGO or SAN BLAS and in terms of a Baroque style, we have the CHURCHES OF SAN PEDRO, SAN BARTOLOMÉ or the CHURCH OF EL SALVADOR.