Carmona possesses one of the most important ensembles of heritage to be found anywhere in Andalusia. THE ROMAN NECROPOLIS, one of the best known Roman sites in the Iberian Peninsula, is the only surving complex of its kind. The entrance to the historic city centre is dominated by two impressive structures: the ALCÁZAR AT THE PUERTA DE SEVILLA, a fortress of Carthaginian origin, and the PUERTA DE CÓRDOBA, which retains its original Roman structure. Another of the city’s principal monuments is the ALCÁZAR DEL REY DON PEDRO, a fortress built by the Almohads.

THE MANSION-PALACE OF THE MARQUIS OF LAS TORRES houses the CITY MUSEUM. There are numerous Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque buildings. One of the most impressive architectural sights is the CHURCH OF SANTA MARÍA, considered the “cathedral” of Carmona, a Gothic structure standing on the site of an old mosque which still conserves its original Orange Tree Courtyard. Also of interest are the churches of SAN FELIPE, SAN PEDRO, SAN BARTOLOMÉ, SAN BLAS, EL SALVADOR and SANTIAGO and convents such as SANTA CLARA, LA CONCEPCIÓN, LAS DESCALZAS AND MADRE DE DIOS.