The Roman amphitheatre dates back to the 1st century BC. Its excavations started in 1885 under the management of Fernández López and Jorge Bonsor. Part of the cavea or seating area are below the level of the Roman road (the ima and media cavea). According to calculations, there were a total of 30 tiers, which were excavated in the hill itself. This is the part that has been preserved, while the upper part, the summacavea, which was built, did not make it to our times. The different rooms needed for the shows would have been underground, i.e. the changing rooms, cages for the wild beasts, etc. The stands would have been covered in marble or some other noble material, and would have been decorated with a wealth of statues, as was normal for these buildings. The west façade had an entrance ramp, similar to those on each of the corners, which led to the exits or vomitoria. It is thought to have been used for shows with wild beasts or other artistic and cultural spectacles.
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