Marqués de las Torres palace is an example of Carmona’s 18th century palace architecture. It has an impressive portal, typical of Seville’s baroque period of the year 1700. It has two tiers: the lower tier has double Tuscan columns at each side of the door, which supports the upper balcony, framed by joint lonic columns and topped with an open triangular pediment on its decorative base.

The construction’s date is inscribed over the monumental stone façade’s pediment: 1755, alongside the Quintanilla family’s coat of arms.

Its extensive side façade is Late Baroque in style, and has an impressive 18th century styling with Islamic patterns that decorate the balconies’ put-log holes. The central patio has a square floor plan and the rooms are organised around it over two floors.

The Interpretation centre and town museum are currently housed here. The museum displays a summary of the town’s history, from its origins to the present day. The exhibition is in chronological order and uses archaeological, ethnographic and artistic objects to narrate the town’s history pointing out its most important periods of time.



C/ San Ildefonso, 1,Carmona


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