The CARNAVAL of Carmona is worth noting, declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest, it has an important local tradition with a Provincial Competition of Carnaval Groups where street musicians (murgas), troupes (comparsas), satirical carnival groups (chirigotas) and quartets take part and are famous for their high quality.

The FERIA (FAIR), which takes place in the third week of May, dates back to 1466 when Henry IV of Castile granted the town the privilege of holding a yearly livestock fair.

Children and flowers lead the celebration of THE MAYAS as well as the CORPUS CHRISTI which parade a monstrance from the 16th century and which concludes with the OCTAVA DEL CORPUS (EASTER OCTAVE).

Other deeply rooted and popular festivals in Carmona are the PILGRIMAGE AND FESTIVALS in honour of THE VIRGIN OF GRACE with its traditional pilgrimage to the hermitage of the Virgin and the ROMERIA DE SAN MATEO (ST MATHEW’S PILGRIMAGE), both taking place in September.

In terms of its cultural heritage, Carmona becomes an exceptional stage each summer with a hectic calendar of concerts. Flamenco also marks its cultural calendar with the celebration of the NATIONAL FLAMENCO SINGING FESTIVAL and the EXALTACIÓN DE LA SAETA (EXALTATION OF THE SAETA – an unaccompanied religious song).