Caminos de Pasión is a tourist initiative involving ten towns and villages in the geographical centre of Andalusia (Spain): Alcalá la Real (Jaén), Baena, Cabra, Lucena, Priego de Córdoba and Puente Genil (Córdoba), and Carmona, Écija, Osuna and Utrera (Seville).

The Asociación para el Desarrollo Turístico de la Ruta Caminos de Pasión (Association for the Tourist Development of the Caminos de Pasión) was created in 2002 when these towns and villages united to promote one special feature common to all of them: Easter Week, a religious festival declared to be of Tourist Interest in Andalusia. Easter Week binds them to create a cultural and ethnographic product based on their heritage, cuisine, fiestas, traditions and arts and crafts.

Since 2006 “Caminos de Pasión” have been supported by the Andalusian Regional Government’s Department of Tourism, which has encouraged the development and promotion of this touristic product as part of the attractions offered by Andalusia’s tourist sector.

Currently, Puente Genil town hall (Córdoba) chairs the trail, which is represented by the town’s mayor, Sergio Velasco Albalá


Chair: Alcaldía Ayto. de Puente Genil (Puente Genil town hall)  SPAIN

Technical office: Museo de Osuna (Osuna museum) C/ Sevilla, 37. 41640 Osuna (Seville) SPAIN / Tel.: +34 954 097 207, Mob.: +34 687 447 339/ +34 667 944 434.