Priego de Cordoba lies within the Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas (Sierras Subbéticas Nature Park). Discover the true essence of Andalusia in its beautiful Barrio de la Villa quarter (which dates back to the Moorish period), its magnificent baroque heritage, its unique civil buildings and the gentle tinkling of the water in its fountains.

At the foot of the natural vantage point in which Priego de Córdoba is located, found a fertile plain backed by a ring of mountains. Because of these factors prehistoric relics, Iberian and Roman are located. In 1225 Fernando III seized Baguh, Hispano name of the city that turned into Arab hands for a brief period between 1327 and 1340.

Already in the sixteenth century it experienced a period of economic boom thanks to the expansion of the textile industry. This wealth allowed him to put on an extraordinary cloak of Baroque art, hence the impressive artistic heritage, which is implemented with an extraordinary landscape. The Natural Park of Sierras Subbéticas embraces the city giving him some beautiful views from the old neighborhood.

Currently has 23.500 inhabitants.