THE HISTORIC-ARTISTIC BARRIO DE LA VILLA area –the original Muslim heart of the town- is a beautiful labyrinth of narrow snaking streets draped with owers; it opens out onto the BALCÓN DEL ADARVE, a natural cli with a major drop, which aords spectacular panoramic views of the landscape of Andalusia.

THE CASTLE –originally an Arabic military fortress- contains the Torre del Homenaje tower, which has been declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument. This is a living example of the beautiful Andalusian Baroque-style and is well worth a leisurely visit with time to admire its major treasures, which are ITS CHURCHES. The town’s major churches include the Asunción church, with its splendid tabernacle, and the Aurora, San Francisco, San Pedro, las Mercedes, del Carmen, las Angustias and San Juan de Dios churches. The unusual mannerist style CARNICERÍAS REALES building was originally the slaughterhouse and meat market. However, the most symbolic monument in the town is without doubt the FUENTE DEL REY-FUENTE DE LA SALUD fountain, an inspired combination of water and mythology.