The extraordinary EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is, without a doubt, the star product of Priego’s gastronomy, with the Priego de Córdoba Denomination of Origin being the most award-winning on a national and international level. It is possible to visit some olive oil mills in the town and enjoy guided olive oil tastings. 

Other notable products include PRODUCTS DERIVED FROM ANIMAL SLAUGHTER,  the TRADITIONAL ‘POTAJES’ (VEGETABLE STEWS)  or the ‘RELLENO DE CARNAVAL’ (TRIPE STUFFED WITH HAM, CHICKEN, ETC). Other notable ingredients come from the crop fields and natural areas, including BLADDER CAMPION and also MUSHROOMS.

In terms of confectionery, ‘ISABELAS’, ‘TURROLATE’ or Holy Week pastries are popular.

The QUINCE FESTIVAL in Zagrilla in October, the PRIEGO MYCOLOGICAL GASTRONOMY WORKSHOPS in November, and the MONTH OF OIL in December are the culinary events of the year.