Each season of the year adds something different to the greatness and history of the Caminos de Pasión.

Autumn stands out for its gastronomy, marked by the harvesting and production of local products, culinary events and the landscape which begins to change with the first rain.  

Lent serves as a precursor to Holy Week, a prelude to discover religious and social traditions, which go hand in hand with their own cuisine and all of the preparations that take place from brotherhoods and craft workshops.

In spring, the calendar fills with popular and religious fairs and festivals.  During summer, the evening cultural calendar taking place in enormous spaces stands out. 

The route takes between 5 and 10 days, depending on how deep we want to delve on our visit. Weekend getaways, long weekends to one or several towns or combining the route with the main cities of Andalusia are other options to consider.