The FIESTA DE LOS DOMINGOS DE MAYO (FESTIVAL OF THE SUNDAYS OF MAY), declared Festival of Tourist Interest in Andalusia is held in May. Here, the images of the founder each brotherhood parade each Sunday, being exhibited beforehand on lavishly decorated altarpieces.

The FERIA DE SAN MARCOS (FAIR OF ST MARK) takes place in spring, in the month of April, and the FIESTA DE LA CRUZ (FEAST OF THE CROSS) is held on May 1st. The CHILDREN’S PROCESSION takes place in June together with the FIESTAS DE LA HERMANDAD DE LA POLLINICA (FESTIVITIES OF THE BROTHERHOOD OF POLLINICA) and the ROMERÍA DE LA VIRGEN DE LA CABEZA (PILGRIMAGE OF THE ‘VIRGIN OF THE HEAD’). During the CORPUS CHRISTI the neighbourhood of La Villa is decked out in flowers and all things white, with a beautiful procession taking place through its winding streets.

The time to express happiness and joy is LA FERIA REAL (ROYAL FAIR) which is held from September 1st to 5th in an enclosure full of stalls. The local tradition of “ LOS TROVEROS”, spontaneous poets who sing, challenging themselves with improvised verses which are always full of surprising wit and irony, takes place each year, in the days before the fair begins.
An ancient tradition of the 16th century are the HERMANOS DE LA AURORA (BROTHERHOOD OF DAWN) who wander through the streets of the town singing traditional ‘copla’ folk songs in honour of the Virgin. They celebrate their FESTIVAL OF LA AURORA at the end of September.

Bonfires take centre stage on the evening of CANDLEMAS on February 2nd each year. FLAMENCO SINGING is also kept alive through its cultural organisation and events such as the EXALTACIÓN DE LA SAETA which takes place during LENT.

The cultural calendar is marked by its INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF MUSIC, THEATRE AND DANCE which has taken place every summer for more than sixty editions.