Priego de Córdoba is set right in the heart of the Parque Natural de Sierras Subbéticas, a protected space consisting of sierras de Cabra and the Horconera in Priego, among others, and is an ecologically rich and scenic area. The park has a surface area of 31 568 Ha and has been declared as being a Geopark by UNESCO.

The Sierra Horconera has great geological importance with its own flora and fauna. From the beautiful and contrasting landscapes sprout the pico Bermejo (1476 m) and the highest peak in the province of Córdoba, the Tiñosa (1570 m), forming an impressive limestone massif.

Visitors can discover its sierras or massifs or deep underground caves (there are more than 200) excavated by water, offering the chance to practice numerous activities such as hikinghorse ridingmountaineeringpotholingbike routes, canyoningbirdwatching (Griffon vultures)paintballing… They are offered by several companies in the town, all of which are excellent guides and hosts for these activities in direct contact with nature.

 Hiking loverswill discover several possibilities in Priego de Córdoba: linear trails, circular trails, different levels of difficulty… Some of the main ones are:

-Ascending the Tiñosa peak
-Puerto del Cerezo and Las Lagunillas
-Ascending to Jardín del Moro through the Dehesa Vichira
-La Lastra dolmen, leaving from Zagrilla
-San Miguel del Castellar
-Urban trail: Bajo Adarve

Priego also has a Mycological garden and Andalusian Mycology Centre “la Trufa”, located in the village Zagrilla. This centre provides an interesting offer, acting as a top-quality nature tourism destination. It is included in Andalusia’s network of botanical gardens and is the only one related to wild mushrooms and truffles in the whole of Andalusia. It is currently the only mycological garden in Europe.