Carmona’s cuisine stands out for its reliance on farm produce. From growing vegetables in its large floodplain come the basic ingredients of its traditional and popular cuisine which includes dishes such as ALBORONÍAS (ANDALUSIAN VEGETABLE DISH), SPINACH, DRESSINGS, CURLY ENDIVES WITH GROUND PEPPER, TOMATO SOUP, TALLOS ESPARRAGADOS, PAPAS EN AMARILLO CON BACALAO (‘YELLOW’ POTATOES WITH COD), COCIDO CON TAGARNINAS (STEW WITH GOLDEN THISTLE) OR POTAJE DE CHÍCHAROS (BEAN STEW).

Linked to Lent, there has always been a culinary tradition with numerous dishes and tasty desserts. The Arabic legacy is also reflected in pastries such as TORTA INGLESA (English Cake) and in its desserts, where there is a long conventual tradition.

With regard to other products, the LOS HERMANOS artisan anise distillery, ACEITUNAS LOSADA table olives and the production of aloe vera at the CORONAS estate are well known.
They offer different TOURS that allow visitors to discover, first hand, the production process and the different steps it comprises.

The TAPAS MONTH, in November, is the annual event to try the local cuisine.