Cuisine in Carmona comprises mainly country recipes based on the green vegetables and legumes produced on the vast fertile plain surrounding the city. These raw materials provide the basis for traditional popular dishes such as ALBORONÍA (a local type of stew), PICKLED DRESSINGS, TOMATO SOUP, THISTLE STEW, CHICKPEA HOTPOT etc.

There also exists a culinary tradition specically associated with Lent: CHICKPEA AND COD HOTPOT, SPINACH WITH CHICKPEAS, and desserts like TORRIJAS DE LECHE (a kind of French Toast made with milk), PESTIÑOS (fried, honey-coated sweetpastries) and LECHE FRITA (fried milk). 

Many desserts reect the area’s Moorish past, while sweetpastries have been
produced by nuns in local convents for centuries. 

Famous local products include the LOS HERMANOS traditional anisetteand BASILIPPO extra virgin olive oils, which can be found in the NARANJOS y OLIVOS oleoteca shop.