Seemingly fortified in Roman times, this enclosure acquired its shape from the Moors and definitively with Pedro I, who restored it during the 12th century, transforming it into one of his favourite residences. It consists of two spaces, one inside the others, with its corresponding walls and barbicans; the facade, looks out onto the town and is surrounded by a moat. It features the entrance: an Islamic horseshoe arch leading to a small military enclosure, which is where we find the Parador, view point. It was originally defended by three towers, of which there are only remains of two. The Catholic Monarchs built “el cubete”, an artillery fortress with gun ports, and added general embellishments to the palace. The earthquake of 1755 greatly affected the palace and its condition progressively worsened. The Parador is newly built, although it keeps in with the style that a palace within these walls would have had. From the terrace, we can enjoy the wonderful view of Carmona’s plains.



C/ Alcázar, s/n,Carmona


37.472801811432, -5.6325170868684

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