The Las Descalzas convent is in the Plazuela del Marqués de las Torres and was founded in 1629 against Carmona town council’s wishes.It was not officially opened until 1748, the year that the town celebrated solemn fiestas for this reason.Currently a congregation of Discalced Augustinian Recollect nuns are accommodated in the convent.

On the interior of the convent, its church has a rich décor typical of the Baroque era, featuring a façade with a double portal and tower.Its main altarpiece is interesting to see as it is unfinished.The sacristy’s Sagrario is also impressive, and is made from polychromed wood.

During the Virgen de Gracia processions, the congregation would enter through the right door and leave through the left, passing in front of the choir where the nuns would sing canticles in her honour.



Calle Sta. María de Gracia, 1, carmona


37.473762583443, -5.6373617794652

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