Cabra’s location between fertile orchard land and mountains is reected in its rich, varied, traditional cuisine. The fresh green vegetables from the elds are used to make EMPEDRADOS (a kind of bean salad), HOTPOTS, GAZPACHOS and the typical SPINACH WITH CHICKPEAS, while the uplands provide the full-avoured MEATS and characteristic PICKLES for some of the area’s most mouthwatering delicacies.

Cabra’s winegrowers produce a number of excellent wines, ranging from dry WHITE nos to fruity red wines and the delicious Moscatel, all protected by the Montilla-Moriles Designation of Origin.
Using the Baena designation of origin, Cabra oers many excellent EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS.

And no description of Cabra’s culinary tradition should overlook its sweetpastries, many of which are closely associated with religious celebrations.