Cabra is flanked by fields of crops and mountains. The crop fields provide fresh vegetables that are used to make local dishes such as EMPEDRADOS (RICE DISH), POTAJES (VEGETABLE STEWS), GAZPACHOS or ESPINACAS CON GARBANZOS (SPINACH WITH CHICKPEAS). The mountains offer tasty MEAT and derived products. In terms of desserts, some typical sweets are GAJORROS (CINNAMON FLAVOURED SWEET) and PESTIÑOS (DEEP FRIED HONEY-COATED DOUGH). 

The wineries of Cabra produce rich WINES from the Montilla-Moriles D.O, and under the Baena olive oil D.O, Cabra enjoys excellent EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS.

The MONTILLA-MORILES WINE TASTING, in February and the FRESH OIL FESTIVAL in December are the culinary events of the year.