Today’s market in Cabra was built in 1965 at the hands of the prestigious architect Rafael De la Hoz. The spaces are organised in the same way – thoroughfares, kiosks and courtyards. An arrangement of landscaped strips of equal width alternates public thoroughfares with strips of kiosks or stalls. Interspersed among them are numerous courtyards, a total of seventeen altogether.

The stalls of the plaza contain an abundance of fruit, vegetables, all from the fertile land of Cabra, famous for its quality and variety. Meat and fish, together with stalls of environmentally-friendly products, spices and florists complement the range of items that this plaza offers to the public. There is also a churros and chips stall, and a bar where you can pay one euro and they will process and prepare any product you buy in the plaza, making a stroll around the market a true culinary experience, of a high quality and at a good price.

It is open during morning hours. 



Av. de Andalucía, 1,Cabra


37.474915747293, -4.4398714817493

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