Installed in a stone building, it is a prime example of 19th century industrial architecture. A place to travel back in time, admiring the different methods and contraptions invented to extract liquid gold, olive oil.

In the first area, there are a series of Greek, Egyptian and Roman engravings, illustrating the importance that olive oil represented and how its health and cosmetic qualities were valued, so much so as to make the olive tree and its fruits more sacred. In the second section, there are products made from esparto, several mills, presses and examples of storage techniques. The museum’s star attraction is a 17th century mill, consisting of an oak beam and limestone.

The museum offers tours, or you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or olive oil tasting sessions. 



Calle Vado del Moro, 2,Cabra


37.469630644986, -4.4363429287118

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