Throughout the year, various pilgrimages take place in honour of the Virgen de la Sierra (Virgin of the Mountains), notable for its uniqueness is the ROMERÍA DE LOS GITANOS (GYPSIES’ PILGRIMAGE) which has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Andalusia. Every June, gypsies and non-gypsies meet to celebrate in an explosion of joy and devotion to the “Majari”. With greater reflection, the ROMERÍA DE LOS VOTOS Y PROMESAS (PILGRIMAGE OF VOWS AND PROMISES) is held on August 15th each year.

At the FERIA DE SEPTIEMBRE (SEPTEMBER FAIR) the Virgen de la Sierra is moved during the ROMERÍA DE BAJADA (PILGRIMAGE OF DESCENT) on the 4th, with the festival taking place the next day on the 5th, and the ascent to return her to her Shrine on the first Sunday of October each year with the ROMERÍA DE SUBIDA (PILGRIMAGE OF ASCENT).

The yearly cycle of pilgrimages concludes on December 8th with the ROMERÍA DE LA FE Y LA FAMILIA (literally PILGRIMAGE OF FAITH AND FAMILY).

At CARNAVAL, we can enjoy the short poems from the groups that take part in the competition and those that others sing in the streets.

CHILDREN’S HOLY WEEK precedes the celebration of the DAY OF THE CROSS when the ‘Santascruces’ parade decorated in flowers at the start of May.

Other festivals take place in spring such as LA FERIA MEDIEVAL (MEDIEVAL FAIR) and LA FERIA DE SAN JUAN (SAN JUAN FAIR), marking the beginning of summer with their traditional bonfires.

Notable folklore, traditional of Cabra includes the MUDANZAS: this typical dance with a guitar and fandango ambience were once danced in the fields and are still preserved to this day. LOS MOCHILEROS (literally backpackers) also form part of this popular tradition. At Christmas, they wander around the town’s streets with the characteristic sounds, a form of native carol, some so old that they are based on Sephardic tradition.