14 August is a date not to be missed for FLAMENCO lovers. On this day we celebrate the “FOSFORITO” CANTE GRANDE FESTIVAL, which has been attracting a line up of leading amenco performers from all over the country since it was founded in 1966. The festival is named in honour of Fosforito, a locally born singer who is one of the few to be awarded the prestigious “Llave de Oro del Cante” prize. The soundtrack to our Lent and Easter week celebrations include the SAETA CUARTELERA or SAETA LLANA (laments featuring two voices which pierce the hearts of everyone who hears them, and are an act of prayer for the singers), as well as the chorused songs ALONDRA and BATIDO. Many local people and visitors take part in the parades and the Comparsas Competition (satirical song groups contest) during CARNIVAL. THE FERIA REAL FAIR lls every August with light and merrymaking. It has been held from 15 to 19 August every year since 1834 by royal decree of the Queen Regent María Cristina, making it one of the oldest fairs in Andalusia.