Puente Genil would not exist if it were not for the river which gives it its name, and which since antiquity has played a signicant role in the whole area. The LOCAL HISTORY MUSEUM displays exhibits dating from the Lower Paleolithic era to the Middle Ages; some of its major items include Roman remains from FUENTE ÁLAMO, Hispano-Visigoth remains from the LOS CASTELLARES NECROPOLIS, and Arab remains from CASTILLO ANZUR, a 10th century Arab watchtower which dominates the town and its surrounding area.

The outstanding nd was however the FUENTE ÁLAMO ROMAN VILLA, dating from the 4th century. Magnicent mosaics from the villa are on display in the old SAN FRANCISCO DE LA VICTORIA CONVENT, the museum’s home, and in the villa itself. Outstanding examples of local architecture can be seen in the NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA PURIFICACIÓN and JESÚS NAZARENO parish churches, the SAN FRANCISCO DE LA ASUNCIÓN AND SAN FRANCISCO DE LA VICTORIA CONVENT churches and the PURÍSIMA CONCEPCIÓN SANCTUARY. In addition, the ALIANZA our mill and the AURORA power station are remarkable pieces of industrial architecture. However, the most symbolic construction must be the BRIDGE over the Genil river, which was rst built in 1561.