Within Puente Genil’s natural surroundings, spots like THE LAGUNA DE TÍSCAR NATURAL RESERVE (Reserva 2000) stand out, which form part of the Reserva Natural de las Zonas Húmedas del Sur de Córdoba (Nature Reserve), or the SIERRA DEL NIÑO AND SIERRA DEL CASTILLO MOUNTAINS.

Very near to the site of the Roman Villa of Fuente Álamo, the LAGUNA DE LOS ARENALES OR LAGUNA SECA lakes also hide natural treasures of great value and add to what is represented in its entirety as the CORDOBILLA RESERVOIR, classified as a PARAJE NATURAL (NATURAL SITE).

Canoeing on the GENIL RIVER or travelling the stretch of the VÍA VERDE DEL ACEITE (OLIVE OIL GREEN ROUTE), along with birdwatching in its wetlands, are some of the activities to enjoy its natural attractions.