From the small peaks of the Sierras del Niño and el Castillo to the Tíscar lagoon, belonging to the South Córdoba wetland nature reserve the natural environment and landscapes will undoubtedly impress visitors.

Several hiking and biking trails showcase the landscape, flora and fauna of its sierras, riversides and lagoons.

Los Arenales lagoon, also known as Laguna Seca,  is found in the village Los Arenales, 8 km from Puente Genil. It is a small lagoon surrounded by unirrigated lands, predominated by olive groves and to a lesser extent vineyards. This lagoon is also known as “laguna seca” (dry lagoon) which gives us the idea that it is a seasonal wetland. It is located very close to the Roman town of Fuente Álamo.

The Cordobilla reservoir is also found in Puente Genil, which is a protected wetland with the title of Natural Setting. This reservoir collects water from the rivers Genil, Anzur and Lucena. It is the third and last along the Genil’s course before reaching the mouth of the Guadalquivir. Its dam was built as a water reserve, but the silting that it underwent modified its function.

Another wetland is the Tíscar lagoon, 8 km from the town, following the earth track from the village Puerto Alegre. It is a protected space declared as a Nature Reserve since 1984 by the environment department. The surrounding area is used for crops that grow on irrigated land. The lagoon has an area of 13 hectares and it’s longest point is just over 500 metres. There are two observatories in the area, one of which can be used by the public. It is far enough away so as not to bother the birds but they can still be seen without affecting the environment.

Puente Genil has three little sierras: Sierra del CastilloSierra Gorda and Sierra del Niño. They consist of limestone rock, which gives the land a greyish colour. These sierras have an abundance of scrublands because the ground is covered by rocks, preventing farming machinery from destroying the native flora to plant crops such as olive trees.

Los Castellares is a small natural space next to the river Genil on the stretch that leaves the town. The most characteristic feature of this place is the steep cliff that follows the course of the river, in the shape of a meander.