Utrera’s most important fiesta is THE NUESTRA SEÑORA DE CONSOLACIÓN FAIR, held around 8th September, in honour of Utrera’s patron saint. Declared as being of tourist interest, the fair is celebrated on the fair grounds in caseta stalls, run by families, associations and groups of friends, where improvised flamenco fiestas are commonplace.

Many festivities take place in May, including the VIRGEN DE FÁTIMA PILGRIMAGE, which is extremely popular among devout locals, the MARÍA AUXILIADORA FESTIVAL, CRUZ DE MAYO AND SANTA MARÍA NEIGHBOURHOOD FIESTAS, as well as THE CORPUS CHRISTI.

Utrera pulls out all the stops in June for THE FESTIVAL OF SAN JUAN, also known as Los Juanes, and the FERIA DE LAS PEDANÍAS, a fair for its surrounding villages. Other well-received events are the three KINGS’ PARADE, THE FIESTA DE LA TAPA COFRADE (Easter-inspired Tapas Festival) during Lent, and numerous activities in the weeks leading to CHRISTMAS.

FLAMENCO plays an important role in the town’s local traditions and there are many events on the cultural calendar, including the POTAJE GITANO FLAMENCO FESTIVAL, which started in 1957 during a celebratory meal held at the Los Gitanos brotherhood house, and is now held every June, the MOSTACHÓN FLAMENCO FESTIVAL in November, organised by Curro de Utrera flamenco club, and the TACÓN FLAMENCO FESTIVAL in February.