The Vadomojón reservoir is one of the most important in the Andalusian basin. It has a capacity of 163 cubic hectometres and a surface area of 782 hectares and is located in the Albendín district,Baena. The reservoir is used to control the volume of water in the Guadajoz and Guadalquivir rivers. Some of the water is also used to irrigate the olive groves.

There is a jetty and picnic area with a kiosk on the Vadomojón, as well as the installations used by the nautical club, with a pit for cleaning boats.

The reservoir brings us into direct contact with the countryside and nature: the water separating the olive groves is one of its most appealing attributes. This almost virgin water is navigable, with nothing but nature for the eye to see: no buildings, electricity pylons or roads. Only nature can be heard.

Vadomojón reservoir is not only a beautiful setting, it is also one of Córdoba’s most important recreational fishing locations, as it is home to large fish populations, among which are barbel, carp, black bass and trout. Nowadays, it is one of the most important fishing scenes in the province of Córdoba.

Aquatic activities can be allowed as a private individual. 



embalse de vadomojón, Baena


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