Caminos de Pasión has created the programme “Con Pasión desde niños” to teach local children about the wealth of tangible and intangible heritage related to Easter Week in their towns. The programme aims to use fun and educational methods to bring them closer to the rites and customs that set their towns apart during this religious celebration. The initiative offers education centres a wide range of activities designed for primary-aged children, which can be booked throughout the school year, especially during Lent. 

Con Pasión desde niños” is based on brotherhood members explaining how they experience Easter Week and what they feel during this religious celebration. In most cases, they will explain local traditions, take pupils on guided tours and give workshops to illustrate important aspects, such as sacred art, musical heritage, cuisine or decorating and preparing the floats for procession. It is, without a doubt, an excellent way to promote Easter Week as a living heritage and help recover local memory. The activities also intend to highlight each town’s idiosyncrasies and are carried out at the Caminos de Pasión’s Easter Week Museum Network, museums and local brotherhood houses.