The Natural Trail of the Sevillan La Campiña passes over the former railway route from Marchena a Valchillón in its journey within the municipality of Ecija.

The Marchena-Valchillón line, whose works were completed by the Compañía de Ferrocarriles Andaluces (Andalusian Railway Company) in October 1885, was 91.386 kilometres long and was initially planned to go from Marchena to Montilla and, from there, to meet the Córdoba to Málaga railway. Its initial layout was subsequently modified when a stretch between Écija-Montilla was replaced by the Écija-Valchillón route. This last point is where it connects with the railway of the capital of the Cordoba province. With this line, the Andalusian Railway Company offered an alternative journey to the Cordoba-Seville line which was controlled by another railway company, Compañía de Ferrocarriles M.Z.A. Subsequently, as a result of the high operating deficit, RENFE dismantled this line in 1971.

The land occupied by this line in the municipal district of Ecija, and on which this natural path lies, was bought from RENFE by its town council in 1986.


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