La Aurora was built in 1897 by the local architect Rodrigo García as the LA AURORA electricity factory headquarters. The top of this stock-brick building is crowned by a statue of the Rodrigo García with his attributes, which is mistaken for an angel holding a light.

The building comprises three Mudejar-style floors; the cast-iron columns and horseshoe arches belong to the same style and the ensemble is topped with battlements. The following inscription appears “Puente Genil electricity company”. It is interesting that ‘Puente Genil’ is written with a “J” and each of the bronze letters weigh 5 kilos.

The building has a tall chimney that can be seen from the calle Capitán de Corbeta Reina Carvajal and is one of the three most notable buildings in the Barrio de la Isla’s centre. The others are the Theatre-Circus and the Dulce Nombre chapel.

This electricity factory is important to Puente Genil as it was the first Andalusian town and the second in Spain, after Barcelona, to have electricity. The building is an important reference in the town’s industrial heritage.



C/ Jesús, 8,puente-genil


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