The building of the Gothic-Mudejar style Santiago parish church began in 1503, from the provisions of the will of García Méndez de Sotomayor, the Commander of the Order of Santiago. It has traditionally been considered an ancient Jewish synagogue but, during its construction, it is possible that materials were used from the then recently demolished ancient temple of San Mateo, where the ancient synagogue and mosque may actually have been. The church is rectangular in shape, with three naves divided by octagonal pillars which support brick-pointed arches with an alfiz. The three naves are covered with coffering, rebuilt following the model of the original. Today, decorated in harmony with the Mudejar style of the rest of the temple, Christ of the Column is enshrined within it, work of the distinguished Sevillan sculptor, Pedro Roldán, created in the 17th century, and Our Lady of Hope.



Calle Santiago, 21,Lucena


37.409148653631, -4.4810106689115

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