This church is the former Alcantarinos Convent.It is Baroque in style and was concluded in 1690. It has a Latin cross floor plan with half barrel vaults and a dome over the hemispherical crossing atop pendentives with scarce plasterwork décor.

The main altarpiece was created by the Sánchez de Rueda brothers, and consists of a section separated into three aisles, by four Solomonic columns. The central aisle connects with the chapel, which houses the beautiful image of La Inmaculada by José de Mora, which is outstanding due to its enhanced colour. The sides feature the images of Santa Rosa de Viterbo and Santa Rosalía.The icon of San Pedro is found in the niche, which dates back to the early 16th century.

The altarpiece underwent changes during the 18th century, since it was created behind a wide chapel.It was commenced by Jerónimo Sánchez de Rueda and concluded by Juan de Dios Santaella in 1739.It is a wide space with an octagonal floor plan with a semi-spherical dome, featuring a blind skylight.The décor combines plasterwork, featuring cherubs, embedded mirrors and glass spheres that set off the striking colours in the marble.

The Venerable Orden Tercero chapel houses the remarkable image of Santo Entierro, attributed to Pablo de Roja, dating back to 1594.

The Virgen de la Soledad chapel was built in the mid-17th century.It later underwent two renovations: one in the 18th century and the other in the 19th century, which transformed it into the Neoclassical style.The altarpiece, attributed to Javier Pedrajas is impressive due to it delicate rococo carving.The shrine, also decorated by Javier Pedrajas, was the work of the Álvarez brothers in 1784. The Virgen de la Soledad image dates back to the early 17th century.

The stone portal, dating back to 1785, attributes to Juan de Dios Santaella and was sponsored by Juan de Codes.The icon of San Francisco de Asís is housed in the upper niche, which is carved from stone and is polychromed.



Plaza San Pedro,Priego de Córdoba


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