The thousand-year-old holm oak is situated in the village of Llanos de Don Juan in the municipality of Rute and has been declared a Natural Monument by the Department of the Environment. It is a unique tree in the province of Cordoba, belonging to the quercus ilex (holm oak) species, with an estimated age of around four hundred and fifty years. This centenary tree is located near to Lucena and the route is accessed via the camino de los Poleares to the windmill of the same name and then continuing by forking to the left until we reach the holm oak. In 1483, the Battle of Martín González took place very near to this holm oak. The Christian troops captured the last King of Granada, Boabdil “The Boy”.

Photography: Antonio J. López Rodríguez

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Lucena, córdoba


37.4076645657924, -4.488730430603027

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