It was opened on 13 May 1904 and was built using ashlar from Osuna’s quarries. It is open to the public when there is a bullfight. It was opened on 13 May 1904 to hold bullfighting events, which were previously held in the town’s squares. Its architecture follows the design that was typical for that time: an arena, barrier and a space between the inner and outer barriers. It is supported by two concentric walls made of sandstone from the quarries and separated into eight sections, each with their own entrance. Halfway around the ring, in front of the bullpen, there is a vaulted and earthy tunnel reminiscent of the oval entrails of Italica’s amphitheatre. The arena, a circle of almost forty-eight metres in diameter, is one of the widest in Spain. The stands can seat 6500 people. 




plaza de toros, Osuna


37.242260616658, -5.1081576545348

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