Pinar de Doña is a forest area of 15ha, situated to the west of Utrera town centre, next to the Don Ismael cork tree plantation. The dominant species is the stone pine, either forming dense masses or a clearing interspersed with meadows. The pine forest, which is home to some large trees, also contains wild olive trees, fan palms, myrtle, gorse and rockrose, and other Mediterranean scrubland species.

In this area, there is also a significant presence of birds, mainly passeriformes and birds of prey. In terms of mammals, there are an abundance of rabbits and hares. Like the Don Ismael cork tree plantation, which it is attached to, the Doña pine forest is an island forest inside an environment which has been transformed due to its agricultural use, playing a key role from an ecological and landscape perspective.

Entry: Free. It is accessed via the Toranzo trail which starts from Avenida de la Fontanilla in Utrera town centre and crosses the A-376 road using a bridge. Pinar de Doña is located approximately 4km from Utrera on the right-hand side of the Toranzo trail.

UTM coordinates: X 248318 AND 4120898 30S



Pinar de Doña, Utrera


37.1848134, -5.7795147

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