Osuna’s Caldenegros Archaeological Park occupies a large area of almost ten thousand square metres. The unique location of this area, at the foot of the monumental acropolis, and its proximity make it the ideal setting to promote the entire site. The archaeological data provided by the area gives us much more comprehensive information about all of Osuna’s historic quarter.

The archaeological research of the area provided extremely interesting information about Medieval and Modern Osuna, highlighting a significant section of the defensive system and the urban structures associated with it, defining in them outlying areas outside of the walls of los Negros. This process has been key to discovering more about the area. Until now, there were very few or no text references. All of this enables what has, until now, been the unknown medieval past of Osuna to be documented. It is possible to detail the foundational moments of the wall and the surrounding neighbourhoods of the Moorish period, from the beginning of the Taifa (11th century) and, without interruption, evidence the Almoravid and Almohad occupation, as well as the Christian conquest (mid-13th century), consolidated with the presence of the Order of Calatrava which was responsible for the defence and coordination of the border with the Kingdom of Granada from Osuna, under the orders of the crown of Castile.

Caldanegros, as a monumental space, shows the importance of the town throughout history and offers a detailed insight into the passage of cultures and different civilisations over the centuries, highlighting the information of particular importance (previously unknown) about the life and characteristics of the medieval town from the end of the 10th century until the start of the 18th century.

The space offers a landscaped area, with the presence of native species, evidencing the environmental setting of that period, in which Mediterranean variant dominates in its type.

Photography: www.elperiódicodelospueblos.es 



Parque Arqueológico Caldenegros, Osuna


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