The Casino is more than 160 years old and opens its doors to all visitors that wish to take a rest in its wonderful and curious halls. The Casino opened its doors to members in 1848. It later extended and a theatre was built at the back, which is now belongs to the town hall and is undergoing restoration. This building has a certain colonial air about it. It has a central, square patio with foundation columns, two floors and a gallery with metal railings surrounding it. It is covered by a skylight; the walls are tiled halfway up and there is a ventilator, which hangs in the centre of the patio, over a round table, transforming it into a lounge. The whole Casino is currently a lounge; a place to rest and take it easy, reminiscent of the 19th century casinos invented for people to hold parties and be recognised. There are dance halls, marble staircases, empty dining rooms, games and meeting rooms, a cafeteria that serves breakfast and tapas and a hall that opens out onto the plaza. Members are able to make reservations.




plaza mayor, Osuna


37.237634441903, -5.1028780133244

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