This is a protected natural space and its highest point, La Gomera, is 809 metres high.There are wonderful views of the countryside and Sierra Sur de Sevilla from its summit.

This area is home to some beautiful woodland, such as the one along la Gomera’s stream, and an ecosystem called Dehesa, which is abundant with holm oak.These holm oak trees and some gall oaks create a microclimate, given that they create several shaded areas, thus enriching organic matter and allowing other species to develop.

La Gomera has an attractive picnic and recreational area with panoramic views, and is an ideal place to rest.

The spot between La Gomera and the second highest point, El Gomerón (754 metres), is perfect for bird spotting.The following species can be spotted: griffon vultures, Eurasian eagle-owls, common and lesser kestrels, common wood pigeons, song thrushes, western jackdaws, common starlings, thekla larks, etc.

Several activities can be carried out at this natural space and in its surrounds, such as hiking, biking and horse riding.

Fuente de la Gomera

The Fuente de la Gomera is found at an ancient abreuvoir fountain, with a surface area of 2 hectares.

The Cañada Real de Ronda drover’s way and the Vereda de El Colmenar de la Partera path come together in this area, meaning it was ideal for resting cattle.





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