The convent’s construction started in 1649 in a place known as the Cruz de Berral, a street that linked the calle Luna with calle Aguilar. Francisco Gil de Melgar, a local man from Puente Genil, a canon of Seville’s cathedral church and very respected man during his times left money in his will to construct the convent.

The church was constructed between 1649 and 1692; this last date appears on a console on the side portal. The interior was decorated from this date: the altarpiece and sides were created before 1738 by the altarpiece sculptor, Felix Pérez de Mena, from Aguilar de la Frontera. The San Antonio altarpiece was created in 1748 by a sculptor from Lucena, Pedro de Mena Gutiérrez.

It is a baroque church with a Latin cross floor plan: on its sides it has niches with small, yet interesting baroque altarpieces, which house the following images San Francisco de Asís, San Antonio, Santa Bárbara, the Virgen del Pilar, San Marcos and Nuestra Señora  de los Angeles, the church’s incumbent image.

This building’s inside walls were completely decorated with decorative paintings. Now, only the ones on the dome and the four Evangelists medallions remain. There is a collection of paintings alluding to passages of San Francisco de Asís’s life, created in the first third of the 18th century. There is a painting that represents the Entombment of Christ, a gift from the primogeniture María de la Concepción Cosano y Pino and the painting from the founder’s collection that represents the Virgen de la Asunción, a Sevillian work from the last third of the 16th century.

The image of Jesús de la Humildad and the Virgen de la Asunción are the most impressive sculptures housed here. The first is a Sevillian piece by the sculptor Pedro Roldán and has been housed in the main altarpiece’s chapel since 1890. The latter was the church’s original name-bearer, dating to the end of the 17th century and is the work of Luisa Roldán.

The main altarpiece’s chapel holds a varied sample of 18th century ceramic tiles from Triana, depicting hunting scenes. The church’s main original portal has recently been recovered, together with the new Jesús de la Humildad’s chapel, work carried out by the church’s brotherhood.



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