The Cordobilla reservoir is a protected wetland, classified as a Natural Setting. The rivers Genil, Anzur and Lucena flow into it. Its dam was built as a water reserve, although its function changed, meaning that the reservoir lostdepth and can no longer be used to store large amounts of water.

Aquatic birds can be spotted in the shallow areas, such as black-winged stilts and common sandpipers and five heron species (grey, purple, black-crowned, little bittern and cattle egret). Mallards are common, and other duck species can be spotted in winter, such as northern shovellers and common pochards. Purple swamphens and common moorhens can be found in the reed areas.

During winter, three species come from the coasts to visit the reservoir: lesser black-backed gulls, black-headed gulls and great cormorants. Birds of prey are also common, such as western marsh harriers and ospreys. Other birds can be sighted among the vegetation, such as Cetti’s warblers, Eurasian reed warblers and melodious warblers.

The nature surrounding the reservoir can be enjoyed by hiking and mountain bike riding.




Embalse de Cordobilla,puente-genil


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