The Cueva del Yeso is the only cave in the Valle del Guadalquivir, whose waters originate in Córdoba.It is considered the fourth largest cave in Spain and the largest in Córdoba. The Cueva del Yeso (gypsum cave) is impressive as it accommodates a large breeding colony of endangered bats.Furthermore, several species of prawns have been found to only live in this cave, following research by European, Canadian and Chilean experts.

This cave consists of two levels and can be accessed through several lakes, where a cavity of up to 12 metres deep can be observed. The cave’s less accessible part will be restricted so as to protect the large bat colony.

The Cueva del Yeso is 8 kilometres away from Baena, within the town’s borders, and is accessible from the Puente de la Maturra.

Visitors can take part in guided tours of the cave or perform adventure sports.

You can visit in groups up to ten people. Registrations by phone number: +34 957 671 757. 

The cave is closed for renovations now.



cueva del yeso


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