The sanctuary is an artistic and historic monument located outside the town centre. It is accessed via a wide path, surrounded by the Parque de Consolación park. The sanctuary is the final destination for many of the town’s pilgrimages and houses the beautiful sculpture of Our Lady of Consolation, Utrera’s patron.

It formed part of a Minim Friars convent, which was founded at the end of the 16th century. However, much of the current church’s structure is 17th century and it was completed in 1714. Although the church’s interior displays a Neo-Mudejar style, partly due to its artesonado ceilings’ characteristics, alternating Marian emblems and Christian legends feature, which extol the glory of the Virgin Mary.

The sanctuary has one single nave with a crossing, rendered walls and pillar supports. The main chapel is square with a wooden artesonado ceiling, decorated with Mudejar interlace patterns. A large Baroque retablo, dedicated to the image of Our Lady of Consolation, covers the nave’s front.



Paseo de Consolación, 41710 Utrera,Utrera


37.191576075195, -5.7672054491812

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