The Molino de Abajo rural house is located in the village Ribera Baja in Alcalá la Real, set on the borders of three provinces, surrounded by nature in a very peaceful and beautiful setting.  Its excellent location allows guests to enjoy the towns and villages’ natural beauty, history, cuisine and social events.

This accommodation consists of 5 fully-equipped apartments with heating, TV, kitchen, and a lounge for events or gatherings, parking, swimming pool, barbecue and large gardens.

The 5 apartments are:

– Tahona: suitable for 6 people

– Molino: suitable for 7 people

– Arroyo: suitable for 8 people

– Velillos: suitable for 4 people

– Ribera Baja: suitable for 4 people



Ribera Baja,4,Alcalá la Real


37.446158243562, -3.8396598953086



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