At the FERIA DE MAYO (MAY FAIR), declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Andalusia, bullfights are held, along with parades of horses and events such as the PARADA ECUESTRE (equestrian parade) or the CONCURSO DE DOMA VAQUERA (cowboy dressage competition).

After HOLY WEEK, Osuna celebrates the CHILDREN’S PROCESSIONS where children take centre stage.

The day of PATRON SAINT ARCADIO is celebrated on January 12th, when the traditional recipe for ‘gachas de San Arcadio’ (traditional porridge dish) is made. On the last Sunday of April, the ‘Sin Pecado de la Virgen’ standard is carried during the ROMERÍA DE NTRA. SRA. DE CONSOLACIÓN (OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION PILGRIMAGE), through the town’s beautiful surroundings. The Festivals to honour the patron saint are held with the VELÁ DE NTRA. SRA. DE CONSOLACIÓN (OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION EVENT) in the first week of September.

Osuna’s flamenco tradition is well-known, with the celebration of the CERTAMEN DE SAETAS CARMEN TORRES (SAETA SACRED SONG COMPETITION), on a national scale and held in the month of March during LENT, as well as the FLAMENCO FESTIVAL and the FLAMENCO SEASON which take place in August and November respectively.

Each summer, Osuna enjoys a diverse calendar of cultural events and concerts.