In the heart of the Seville countryside, Osuna stands on a triangular hill from which you can spot olive groves and mountain terrain. However, it is the protected areas and products, covering a large part of its territory, that make this town monumental, in an area of natural wealth.

The important NETWORK OF LIVESTOCK TRAILS that pass through the town and extending almost 400 kilometres, is one of the area’s main attractions, in which a total of ELEVEN TRAILS approved by the Andalusia Mountaineering Federation have been opened. These trails cover unique areas including LA GOMERA, – a beautiful example of the Middle Subbetic-, THE ROMAN NECROPOLIS, CORBONES RIVER , THE LAKES OF OSUNA, LA CALDERONA, LAS VIÑAS, PUERTO DE LA ENCINA-CALDERONA, CAMINO DEL BARRANCO, EL SALINOSO STREAM and the ÍPORA-LOS NARANJOS natural area.

Osuna is also a birdwatching destination. Its COUNTRYSIDE has specially protected areas, where we can find species in danger of extinction such as bustards. The LANTEJUELA ENDORHEIC AREA NATURE RESERVE (Natura 2000 network), also welcomes flamingos, geese, grey herons and ruddy ducks as they travel to warmer lands.