There are several lagoon reserves in Lucena, in the protected space known as Lagunas del Sur de Córdoba. Some of them are ecologically important since they contain water for all or most of the year. Furthermore, it is an area where nature can be enjoyed given that the preservation conditions due to these lagoons are still relatively acceptable.

There are two similar lagoons that are extremely close to one another. They have completely different chemical characteristics, which is apparent in their names: Laguna Amarga (Bitter Lagoon) and Laguna Dulce (Sweet Lagoon). These particular characteristics make them more diverse and complementary to one another. In addition, there is the almost circular Laguna de los Jarales or the Paraje Natural del Embalse de Malpasillo, an ideal habitat for purple swamphen and even scarce white-headed ducks.

The Sierra de Aras offers visitors views of towns that from several provinces, being able to see more than twenty-five on clear days. This peak is a reference point in Lucena as it is where we find the Sanctuary of María Santísima de Aracelí, patron of Lucena.
Visitors can practice potholing in several caves or paragliding as there is a take-off and landing area.

On the south-side of this sierra is Cueva del Ángel pit cave, an archaeological settlement of great scientific worth, dating back to pre-Neanderthal and Neanderthal times. It is impressive due to the wealth of remains that are still found after each excavation.

The river Anzur, belonging to the Genil basin, passes through Lucena. It is one of the most interesting rivers on the Campiña Alta given that its riverbank vegetation is well conserved. At its source, close to the famous Zambra spring, the Anzur is overlooked by black poplars, willows and elms, which give way to bright shades of green that break up the monotony of the surrounding olive groves.

Cyclists, hikers and active tourism lovers can enjoy the Vía Verde del Aceite, as it passes through Lucena and the Navas del Selpillar, which houses the Centro Enogastronómico Olivino  (Olive and wine gastronomy centre) in Las Navas, or the Vintage motor museum in Lucena.

Hikers are able to enjoy a landscape dominated by a sea of olive trees, which covers the Camino Mozárab, pilgrims route to Santiago, or the Laguna Amarga’s short trailPuente Povedano or Encina Milenaria rural trails are also remarkable.

Lucena’s active tourism companies also offer educational/recreational activities, adventure and risk activities, horse riding, nature centres, any type of experience for young and old to enjoy.