Founded in 1985 with the purchase of a Purebred Spanish Horse called Cascanueces.
The stud then bought a herd of Don Joaquin Buendia mares and a herd of mares belonging to Garcia Romero with Hierro del 7. In 1993, two foals called Educado X and Ebanisto, as well as 6 mares called Corinta, Cantuda, Hispanita, Marchenera, Manciala and Escritora were bought from Guardiola’s heirs.

With all of the aforementioned horses and their offspring, a strict selection is made, starting to form a bloodline or lineage of champion horses with the initials RAM, which identify the name and surname of the breeder, Don Rafael Ayala Muñoz. These horses have more than demonstrated in Morpho-Functional competitions that it was a good move to mix these three herds mentioned earlier.

At Yeguada Ayala (Ayala stud farm) they breed and develop the best foals, always with the morphology, genetics, character and elegance in mind, to produce future stallions and mares of the highest quality. Skilled in the combination of genetic lines with their practical results, that way we always obtain products of the highest quality in order to gain the optimum genetic progression and of maximum quality.

Their vision is to obtain a line of the best Purebred Spanish (PRE) horses that are internationally renowned and are able to win everything from a morphological competition to classic dressage.



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