Puente Genil has two Wholesale Markets. One in Plaza Emilio Reina – barrio bajo (low district) –  and another in Paseo del Romeral. The oldest of the two is the one in Emilio Reina square which was built in 1926 with a marked Arabic style. Years later, in the floods of 1963, this building suffered significant material damage, leading to the new and current market being built.

The Plaza of Paseo del Romeral is dated 1933, it was necessary to build another market for residents of the barrio alto (high district) which was growing more and more. 

Among the many stalls, you can find fishmongers, butchers, greengrocer’s, flowers. All of the stalls sell products from the local area and from the countryside of Cordoba and Andalusia: honey, cold meats, vegetables, fruit, etc.

The Market at Paseo del Romeral features a bar called Cantina Moret where you can try the products bought on the market once they prepare them. 

The markets are open in the mornings. On Saturdays, la Cantina is open until 8 pm.



Plaza Paseo del Romeral, 26,puente-genil


37.3900383, -4.7708167

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