Lucena’s Municipal Wholesale Market is well-equipped and offers a variety of services that make shopping easy with an excellent value for money. In this commercial precinct, you can find a wide variety of products each day, and all with a common denominator of being of a high quality. This includes fish, fruit, vegetables and an extensive range of all types of specialities. Moreover, its central location adds a further advantage, given that everything can be bought in Lucena, without the need to travel elsewhere.

In the Municipal Wholesale Market, you will be able to buy specialities offered by local producers, some of whom grow them themselves, as is the case with the area’s crop fields, undoubtedly being an added value. Shopping at the Municipal Wholesale Market is making a commitment to local businesses and it is worth recommending you also consume local products.



calle alta y baja ,Lucena


37.40843615336214, -4.483330204711517

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