Tu Historia, suggests a trip to Alcalá la Real, providing a range of experiences for the most restless and authentic visitors.

> TRIP TO THE FORTALEZA DE LA MOTA: Visitors can get inside the Fortaleza de la Mota monumental complex, located in this magical setting. This monument was the key, the guard and the defence for the Christian monarchs.

> SAVOURING ALCALÁ: After a tour of the town’s heritage (Fortaleza de la Mota and the Abbey Palace) we suggest a walk around contemporary Alcalá, taking in its plazas, churches and most symbolic streets, lined with ancestral houses and beautiful churches. Whether travelling in a group, with your partner or family, you are sure to enjoy this combination of culture and gastronomy, giving you the chance to try some of the town’s products, with an excellent menu.

> ADVENTURE ON THE FRONTIER: Tu Historia offers school groups the chance to really learn about the Fortaleza de la Mota. A magnificent adventure that will show them every corner of La Mota Fortress, adapted according to age. Using an educational and entertaining methodology, children can enter the world of this fascinating monument. Characters of years gone by, workshops and history make this excursion irresistible.

In summer, there are more possibilities such as Magic Nights in the Mota or nighttime tours of the museum.



calle carrera de las mercedes, alcalá la real


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