Gold and silver embroidery workshop in the heart of Utrera’s old town. 

With eighteen years of experience as an embroiderer, Inmaculada García-Rayo has carried out numerous works throughout her professional career. These include a silver mesh sash for Utrera’s Virgen de la Paz (Our Lady of Peace), a gold-embroidered Ottoman dress for Utrera’s Virgen de los Angeles (Our Lady of Angels), gold embroidered exterior and interior ‘bambalinas’ for the canopy of the float of Utrera’s ‘Virgen de las Lágrimas’ (literally Virgin of Tears), or the restoration and refurbishment of the Coronation robe of Our Lady of Consolation, the Patron Saint of Utrera, among many other works, some of them carried out altruistically. 



Plaza de los Ángeles, 21, Utrera


37.18549395826, -5.7813389776881



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