Osuna has a range of rich and vast landscapes. You can see olive groves and hilly lands from atop the hill, the cradle of its cultural heritage. The temperature is mild all year round and the protected areas and land make it really unique.

The municipality’s territory is vast, with 387.8 km of cattle trails authorised for public use. This means there is a wide range of trails and paths, which new visitors can discover and locals can revisit and relive recovered historic sites. Six trails have been designed in total:

LA GOMERA path. This path is a beautiful example of the Middle Subbético, with a wealth of well-preserved flora and fauna.

NECRÓPOLIS path. On this path, you will find Osuna’s roman theatre, the ancient necropolis of Roman times. Osuna’s Roman Forum is also on this stretch of path, which is locally known as La Pileta.

CORBONES RIVER path. The Corbones River Lake has special interest for water sports fans. Walk along the path and appreciate the rich fauna and flora or relax at the edge of the lake.

LAS LAGUNAS path. This endorheic area is one of the municipality’s richest protected areas. It has beautiful and deep lagoons, which are visited annually by different bird species that rest in Osuna during their migration, including flamingos, geese, and herons, among others.

LA CALDERONA path. This path stretches between olive groves and cereal fields, meaning you can spot the streams that supply their water. While there, you may also see excellent examples of rural architecture.

ÍPORA- LOS NARANJOS path. This path goes through the natural setting bordered by Río Blanco and Salinoso stream, where you can spot reptiles and birds of prey that are in serious danger of extinction. Following the river’s course, you may be able to spot a curve known as La Planada del Río, where a meander is starting to form. Foxes, hawks, nightingales, or redfish have chosen this spot as their habitat.

Visitors can enjoy these trails on foot, by bike or on horseback. 





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