The church has a rectangular floor plan, comprising one single nave with side chapels with towering tribunes between the buttresses and a crossing.

A groin vault covers the nave and a hemispherical vault over the crossing. Although sited over former constructions, the current church back dates to the second third of the eighteenth century. The tower was also erected during this period by Third Order Franciscans. It is located to the right of the apse and is decorated with tiles and carved brick.

The main altarpiece is neoclassical in style and features sculptures of Saint Dominic and Saint Francis; the Eternal Father is displayed in the attic. A late eighteenth-century sculpture ensemble of Saint Anne with the Virgin Mary appears in the central niche.

The primitive tower was built in 1641 over a turret that formed part of the Puerta Real gateway’s wall. After the 1755 earthquake, many construction works were undertaken and a new tower was erected. The Santa Ana tower is the smallest in Écija, but is uniquely decorated with carved brickwork, tiles and rendering.

The church underwent drastic renovation during the eighteenth century. The Cristo de la Yedra confraternity currently uses the church as its headquarters. The confraternity’s title sculpture (Jesus Christ of the Ivy) dates to the seventeenth century and the Our Lady of Charity sculpture is a twentieth-century piece by Francisco Buiza.



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