San Juan Bautista parish church dates back to the sharing out of the lands that were conquered by King Ferdinand III, nicknamed “the Saint”. It is a Gothic-Mudejar church, with three naves covered by wooden framework and a polygonal masonry apse. Successive reforms took place throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which significantly changed the building’s interior. The tower was built in the second quarter of the eighteenth century. In 1776, the building faced imminent ruin and was demolished in its entirety to create a new floor plan. To this end, the current San Juan Bautista church is what would have been the Sacramental Chapel, which was adjoined to the Epistle nave prior to the renovations.

The main altarpiece houses an eighteenth-century Baroque retablo, featuring a seventeenth-century sculpture of the Nazarene. Paintings by Antonio de Pereda (seventeenth century) and Juan de Espinal (eighteenth century) are also noteworthy.

The tower comprises three bell sections, built with considerable height. The Baroque elements in the upper sections make the tower the most emblematic and beautiful of those erected during the eighteenth century.



Plaza de San Juan, s/n,Écija


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